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“The Eclipse”: Interview with Conor McPherson

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Returning to feature-film directing after a six-year absence, Irish playwright Conor McPherson (The Seafarer, Shining City) drew heavy interest at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival when he unveiled The Eclipse, a subtle, emotionally restrained drama of male grief shot through with lightning-flash bursts of supernatural horror. Based on a short story by co-writer Billy Roche, the low-gear genre mash-up might play as a mere curiosity were it not for Best Actor winner Ciarán Hinds, whose solemn turn as a widower with literary aspirations gives the film a quiet center of gravity. And in coarser hands, McPherson’s abrupt tonal shifts could have overwhelmed or cheapened what’s essentially a minor-key story of post-bereavement reckoning.

Click here to read my interview at Filmmaker.


Written by eyemaster

March 25, 2010 at 1:37 pm

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